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  1. Some of us were put up for adpotion but were never adopted, i ended up in many different placements accross Canada and never new my own Nationallity, i was 32 when i found my family and 37 when i met them, i come from a historical line of people on both sides of my blood, thats when i finally became proud to be alive. I was extreamly suprised to find out that my life was all a mistake that shouldnt have been, there are more then a thousand people in my family!


  2. I was removed at birth and taken in by a wonderful non native family. I got as good a start in life as possible being accepted into this family as one of their own, I learned many good things their ways offered and was loved too. I was in my early teens when I began learning my true identity, this brought a feeling of great emptiness that I did not recognize for a long time. I found my way back to our people and began to feel some happiness spending time with them, despite all the dysfunction and chaos that my life was. I tried to fill that void with many external things and hit the black road hard. I met my birth family in my late twenties and began getting to know my origins and identity. It was once I was given the gift of recovery and began learning more of where we came from and truly learn the old ways. Lack of language is a block to accessing some of this and am a slow learner being away from my language speakers. Even after 20+ years of recovery and a lot of fires to walk through in healing there is still major lingering effects of the losses experienced in being taken away. Life is much better but the damage still rears its ugly head much too often, there is much work to be done for the rest of my days. Happy to be here with others who have been on the same journey, Pilamaye yelo!


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