Bi Giwen Indigenous Adoptee Gathering 2014 Ottawa

backgrounder image Indigenous Adoptee Gathering Committee

Ottawa, ON, Canada

Media Advisory



The Indigenous Adoptee Gathering Committee will be hosting the first national “Bi Giwen Indigenous Adoptee Gathering 2014”, for Indigenous adoptees and foster care survivors. The gathering will take place in the unceded territory of the Algonquin nation on September 20th and 21st,2014  at the Richelieu-Vanier Community Centre in Ottawa, Ontario.

The focus of the gathering is to provide adoptees and foster care survivors, from across North America, a unique opportunity to be: (1) heard, listened to and have their lived experiences validated by other survivors; (2) be met ‘where they are at‘ in acknowledgement that as survivors they are all at different places on their journey towards healing and wholeness; (3) prioritize community support while building to strengthen mutual and accountable relationships for the survivors’ safety and collective well-being; and; (4) build momentum towards a national grassroots, survivor-led, community-driven justice and healing movement to address impacts of colonial child welfare policies.

The gathering will feature a series of workshops, presentations and evening activities, by survivors for survivors, with support from Indigenous and non-Indigenous volunteers.

For further information contact Colleen Cardinal at (613)790-7057

2 thoughts on “Bi Giwen Indigenous Adoptee Gathering 2014 Ottawa

  1. My sister and I are from british Columbia and white, Yukon!! Would u have a place to stay if we went to Ottawa!! I have never been that far before! I am 60 yrs old and she is 54!!


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