Registration is open for Indigenous Adoptee Gathering 2015!

Registration is open for Indigenous Adoptee Gathering 2015!

The Ottawa IAG Committee has chosen a beautiful campsite about 40 minutes outside of Ottawa that has rustic cabins, a rec hall,a full kitchen, a gated pool and plenty of outdoor space for games & cultural activities.

This gathering will include sweat lodges, cultural workshops and sharing circles. *to be announced*

Food, lodging and workshops are included in the cost of the ticket per person.

12 & under are free – please let us know how many family members you are bringing that are 12 and under.

 You will not need to bring any cooking supplies such as bbq’s, no open fire pits except those designated by IAG staff.

There is room for tent trailers and also traditional tents for camping but please let us know if you are bringing a tent or trailer.

A shuttle bus from Ottawa will depart on August 25th and return back to Ottawa August 27th for those without transportation.

This event is open to Indigenous Adoptees/ Foster Care Survivors and their immediate family members.

Stay Tuned for more updates as we fundraise and plan for a fun memorable gathering in 2015!





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