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Join us in Toronto!

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We appreciate  on-going donations and in kind support for gatherings, events and workshops for Indigenous adoptees and adult foster care survivors.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Now in existence for over two years, the Bi-Giwen Indigenous Adoptee Committee continues to raise its voice for the community of Indigenous survivors of child welfare. We hope that you will be able to help us with our efforts this year for the upcoming national rally that will take place in Ottawa, Ontario, at Parliament Hill on April 29, 2016.

In order to meet our mission and host the national rally, we rely on the generosity of individuals, businesses and organizations for support. Without assistance of community-minded individuals like you, we wouldn’t be able to serve those in our community.

We are expecting a large number of adoptees/foster care participants and their supporters from across Canada. We also have word that a joint rally is taking place in Australia that involves the Indigenous community who will be supporting our cause.


Will you help?

We are looking for financial and support to take on the following activities:

  • Feast
  • Signs/Banner
  • Honorariums for Elders, Fire Keepers, Facilitators, and Helpers
  • Medicines for ceremonies (Cedar, Sage, Tobacco, Sweetgrass)
  • Food to feed 95+partcipants and volunteers
  • T- shirts for attendees & supporters
  • Ground travel and hotel expenses for out of town adoptees/foster care survivor speakers


We feel that Indigenous peoples who lost their culture and continue to be displaced from their communities as a result of past and current native child welfare policies must come to an end. The inaction at all levels of government and their continued mishandling of Indigenous child welfare issues needs to be addressed. We also want to voice our concerns to the lack of response to a letter sent by us in December 2015 to the Prime Minister and two leading portfolio ministers.

The rally aims to raise these issues by taking up space, creating community and giving voices to the thousands of Indigenous adoptees/foster care survivors who experienced these policies that were meant to erase our culture, displace us from our traditional lands. We are now seeking accountability of these actions at a national level.

We are hoping to make this rally successful and to have a great presence at Parliament Hill. The event starts at noon, followed by a Feast.

You can go to our Facebook page to add yourself to the event :

Or to keep up with information as it becomes available on our website :



Even if you can’t donate, please come out and support us! More voices, more movement!

If you require further information or would like to visit our website, please go here:

For immediate assistance, feel free to call me at (613) 790-7057.


Thank you very much for your time and consideration,

Colleen Cardinal, Duane Morrisseau-Beck, and Elaine Kicknosway,

Bi-Giwen Indigenous Adoptee Committee Rally Organizers


Another easy way to donate is through our paypal site


Click the button to donate online through credit card or paypal : 

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Make checks payable to :

 “Indigenous Survivors of Child Welfare”

Mail to: 428 Cote Street, Unit 2, Ottawa ON, K1K 1A5



In Kind Donations graciously accepted.

Some examples of past in kind donations:

Printing & photocopying,  gift certificates & gifts from Giant Tiger to help fundraise, art/pottery for auction fundraising, Medicines ( Sage, Sweetgrass,Cedar,Tobacco), firewood etc.