2014 Indigenous Adoptee Final Report

Accountability and Transparency.

Completed written and complied by Duane Morriseau-Beck with help from Beverley McKiver, Colleen Cardinal

We would like to thank all the sponsors, funders, volunteers who helped make this event successful and look forward to strengthening relationships within our community building amoungst non Indigenous and Indigenous adoptees, family members, health providers and allies.

The Indigenous Adoptee Gathering Committee (IAGC) is committed to preparing a report to share success stories and shortcomings in the creation of a national Gathering.
The report details steps taken to plan and implement a national Gathering.
The report includes an aggregate collection of participant and volunteer feedback.
The report provides an accounting of all expenditures to ensure transparency and accountability of the funds collected to host the event.
The report presents a set of recommendations for further consideration of future events.
The report will be made available publicly and will be published online and made available upon in e-format.
The report will not reflect any personal identifiers that would result in breaking the confidential livelihoods of all involved in the Gathering either in written or in media format without the expressed permission of those persons.
This report remains the sole intellectual property of the IAGC; the contents, concepts and images contained within this document cannot be used without the expressed permission of IAGC.
The Final Report can be viewed here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1EnInrBWb6jRFBzU0lQQS1JVWR0N09oek80MkV3QjBkcGg0/view?usp=sharing